As for Day 2, the starting time of Prof. Yamaguchi's presentation(S6-1) and Prof. Picotti's presentation(S6-2) is changed.

  Due to personal circumstances, Prof. Atul J. Butte’s presentation(S2-1) is cancelled.

Pre-registration for Meet the Expert is still open untill May 31, 2023.
  (Closing Date : May 31, 2023 noon (Japan Time))

Meet the Expert will be held on June 5 at Hyatt Regency Tokyo.For participating in this event, pre-registration is required.
  (Closing Date : May 8, 2023 noon (Japan Time))

Registration for THE UEHARA INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM 2023 will open on April, 1,2023. (Closing Date : May 31, 2023 )
Please register by clicking the “Registeration” button on the right.

Website for THE UEHARA INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM 2023 is now opened.